You will need to insert your teams into each division.

To create your teams go to (Menu > Manage > Players/Teams > Teams) 

  1. Choose the division
  2. Click on Add Team with Members to create your teams.
  3. Choose if you want the system to autogenerate teams names (Ashley Biebs and John Smith would be A. Biebs & J. Smith) 
  4. Or Insert team name.
  5. Specify Operator IF APPLICABLE/If necessary.
  6. Insert player names in the Find Player box :
    1. Choose the best fitting player from the provided list. (See image below)
    2. The player in white font is a player recognized in your event. (Most likely the player you are looking for);
    3. If not, look at the players in green Font
    4. If not, spell the players full name and click on Click Here to create and add this new player.
    5. Repeat until the roster is completed.
    6. OK.
  7. Repeat Add Team with Members until you are done entering all the teams for this division.