For Leagues/Operators:
For just $3 per regular player, the CompuSport system provides a comprehensive suite of tools for league coordinators. This includes team and player management, a robust scheduling generator, customizable stats and reports, association sanctioning tools, a handicapping system, and platforms to promote upcoming events and highlight the player of the week. Coordinators can also post documents and rules, utilize the CSR universal rating system, and much more.

Additional Tools:

  • Player Scorekeeping Tool: For an extra $1 per player, players can fill out scoresheets directly on the app, resulting in quicker access to stats. This eliminates the need to collect scoresheets and manually enter data.

  • League Fees Management System: For an extra $2 per player, this system allows players to pay weekly match fees, and any registration, admin, or sanction fees directly through the app. It also provides flexibility in managing cash payments, with comprehensive reports to track finances. A Stripe or Square account is required for online payments (additional credit card fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction charged by Stripe or Square, not CompuSport).

Player Subscription Plans:

League players can use the free basic subscription plan on the app to receive essential information from the league coordinator, including access to schedules, stats, and scoresheets. Additional features are available through Essential and Premium subscription plans offered directly to players.

For Tournaments/Operators:

For just $1 per player per bracket, capped at $3 per player per event, CompuSport offers a complete set of tournament creation tools. Operators can streamline the tournament process by setting up pre-defined parameters for hosting tournaments with brackets and round-robins, managing teams and players, automating awards and payouts, sending personal notifications, and handling race or handicap automation. The system supports three scheduling types (scheduled times and surfaces, assigned times with automatic surface assignment, or automatic time and surface assignment) to maximize efficiency. Additionally, it provides a platform for promoting information and advertisements.

Player App Features:

Participants can receive personal notifications for opponents, times, and surfaces, and view their bracket from anywhere. Operators can also grant players access to advance the bracket directly through the app.

Additional Tournament Tool:

For an additional $1 per player registered online, players can register their teams and individual players for tournaments directly through the app. Operators can set restrictions such as only allowing sanctioned players to register, capping division sizes, and managing waiting lists. Players can pay online or be placed on a waiting list pending payment.

For Associations and Operators:

For $1 per player, capped at $5,000, the CompuSport Association Portal allows associations to manage all their operators and sanctioned players. Operators can sanction their players directly in the tool or import data from a file. If activated, operator-sanction invoices are created and updated automatically.

Association Portal Features:

  • Manage the association's players' list
  • Create tournaments and have operators register their players and teams in the system. (1$ per player to register)
  • Pay invoices by check or online payment.
  • Manage operator memberships and access permissions.
  • Operators can add staff to manage sanctions or registrations.
  • Store and share documents and images with operators.
These comprehensive tools ensure seamless management and communication within leagues, tournaments, and associations, enhancing the overall experience for coordinators, operators, and players alike.