When you add a player on CompuSport under Menu > Manage > Players/Teams > Players.

Choose the division.

And use the Search & add a player to this division

Type in the name of the person,

White font means a player that is already in your event in another division (almost like a helper saying, here you probably want this one)

If not, Green Font are players in other leagues or tournaments in CompuSport.

Look carefully for the right one!

If in doubt, it is best to create a brand now one, unfortunately.

Make sure you write out the full name, then click on : Click here to create and add this new player button.

The same goes when you create teams and add the rosters all in one button.

Under Menu > Manage > Players/Teams > Teams.

Choose your division

Click on Add Team with Members button (along the top)

Click on the Search & add a player.

Same idea with the White and Green font.

IF YOU NOTICE A LOT OF DUPLICATES YOU KNOW ARE THE SAME PERSON : Send us a merge request! (It's appreciated)

How to send a merge request to CompuSport