You can run  playoff brackets under your league event. (You have to contact CompuSport to get the tournament tools available under your league) Additional fees apply.

If you want to fill out fill scoresheets for your league year playoffs (great idea, by the way), here are three options:

1. You can put their year-end average (or whatever you want to use) in a player column like Custom Value.

Under brackets > Score Input section. Choose that Custom Value for handicap.

Basically your bracket settings should be the same as your round-robin (scoresheet settings)


2. Under Statistics/Standing Grouping > Player tab.

Choose or create your Playoff group.

Pencil to edit,

Under Bracket/Chart, add the season league.

This way the system will know to use the stats from the season to calculate the player's stats. THAT BEING SAID, it will continue moving because the following match, it will use the playoff match 1 towards the average as well.


3. If you want it to say fixed and not add on the bracket stats:

Don't touch Stats Standing Grouping.

Simply go to brackets,

Select your Playoff bracket, 

Pencil to edit, 

Go to Advanced Section,

Change your Player default stat group to the main league.

This will only pick up the league and not the bracket stats for average.