League of tournaments (ex. weekly or bi-weekly bracket)

Create one event (Good for one full year): Ex. The Bar's Challenges, Legion's Championships, Sam's Tournaments

Create your Building and tables.

Each time you create a new bracket, you go to your same Event and create a new division.

Step 1: Create a division

    Go to Menu > Manage > Division > Division:

  • Click on the plus to add a division.
  • Name your division with the date of the tournament,
  • Choose a color,
  • Choose Singles, (Team or Singles)
  • Choose which field to use as Skill Level (Or race to), (Custom Value)
  • Save.

Step 2: Insert your players

    Go to Menu > Manage > Players/Teams > Players:

  • Select the Division.
  • Add names in the Search & Add Player box.
  • Choose already existing players as much as possible, if you are not sure Add a new one.
  • Repeat this process to add players.
  • Insert their race to under a Custom Value column. (Same as the one you set under divisions.)

Step 3: Create you bracket

    Go to Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robin > Brackets:

  • Click on the Plus to add a Bracket.
  • Choose the Division you want to associate to the Bracket.
  • Choose a Bracket Format: ex: Single Elimination 8, Double Elimination 8, Double Elimination 16, etc.
  • Go to Public Visibility and Display Options: Insert Custom Value.
  • Go to Score Input section: make sure you have scoresheet #625, Wins and Enter each game results checked.
  • Save.

CHOICE: Shuffle the players into the bracket (Step 4A) OR Manually enter the names into the bracket (Step 4B).

Step 4 A: Go to Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robin > Fill Up Brackets & RRB:

  • Choose the Division you want Shuffle,
  • Select a method to shuffle. (Random)
  • Click on Try Shuffle.
  • Click on Accept Results.


Step 4 B: Menu > Go to Manage > Schedules/Charts > Charts:

  • Choose the Division.
  • Click on the player box. Start typing player's name,
  • Repeat.

Step 5: Manually scheduling

     Go to Menu >  Manage > Schedules/Charts > Charts:

  • Choose the Division.
  • Click on the match box,
  • Click on Options,
  • Edit Schedule or surface: Add Surface, Date and Time, Save.
  • Repeat.

Step 6: Making your bracket public

     Go to Menu > Manage > Divisions > Divisions:

  • Check the Is public check box. Save.

    Go to Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robin > Bracket:

  • Check the Public Display check box. Save.

ALL SET! Repeat next week for your next bracket!!! :p

Interesting options to think about: