You created a schedule, but now there is a change of default location (home bar).

In the easiest scenario, where you have plenty of room in their new location.

Make sure your location is created, Menu > Manage > Location/Surfaces > Buildings/Bars/Rooms.

Create new location if not already created.

If already existing, go to Menu > Manage > Location/Surfaces > Tables to make sure you have the right amount of tables at that location.

You can go to Menu > Manage > Players/Teams > Teams.

Select the division,

Select the team,

Click on Pencil to edit.

Change team name (if needed) and change team default location.

IF the bar has plenty of room, this will automatically move all the home games for that team to their new location.

If there is another team and it doesn't always fit, you may have to make some changes in your schedule or edit them manually.

To change a match info (date, time, location) you can go to Menu > Manage > Schedule/Charts > Calendar.

Find the match, select the match, click on Pencil to edit.

Change location. Save.

You can also go to Menu > Manage > Schedule/Charts > Surfaces Scheduler.

Select the match and drag it and drop it into the right spot.