First you will want to create your brackets: 

How to create brackets linked to other brackets

Then you will want to link your spots (Link brackets together). 

You may be in luck and your brackets are already linked together, as they are an often used pattern. We still suggest checking them over. If not, you will need to link the brackets together to choose who goes where into the final bracket.

Go to Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robin > Brackets Linker.

1. Choose the bracket

2. Click on the spot where the winner of that match will move to the final bracket.

3. Choose the spot where they will go in the final bracket.

4. Click on Link Winner.

5. If you want to undo, click on the linked matches and click on Delete Link.

6. If you have losers going somewhere, you can link the loser. (you may be choosing a different final bracket)

7. If your final bracket didn't appear automatically, you can choose it from the list and link them together.

How to link your brackets but keeping the loser on the loser side.