First you need to turn on the scorekeeping option for your tournament:

Go to Menu > Manage > Event > Event.

1. Select your event.

2. Click on Pencil to Edit.

3. Go to the Score keeping Section.

4. Check the box to allow players to be scorekeepers.

Suggested settings for tournament scorekeeping:

Want to know more about the scorekeeping settings? I want to know more

Once scorekeeping is turned on, you must make sure your settings for scoresheets are all set:

Go to Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robins > Brackets or Round-Robin:

Select your bracket or round-robin,

Click on Pencil to edit,(can multiple edit)

1. Under Score Input :

2. The best scoresheets to use for Singles, scorekeeping:

For singles

***625: Scores and/or Wins checkbox with ERO

    413: Scores and/or Wins checkbox   

    758: Scores and/or Wins checkbox with ERO and Use Patch

These scoresheets are also good for teams if you want to enter the final results only. 

For teams we recommend: Full scoresheets Ex. 25 games - 5 vs 5 - 5 rounds *see note below.

3. And choose what you want them to enter in as a result. **If scores see note below

4. Choose the calculate method for automatic winner: Most wins (all games played or race to reached) or Highest Score (all games played or unbeatable)

5. Save.

*For full scoresheets, you can see what is available under scoresheet type. If you can't find what you are looking for, you can contact CompuSport at with an image of the scoresheet you would need.

**If scores, you can also check the first box on top called: Opponent automatic score is activated and insert what the automatic score is, for example, if the winner has a 10, on the scoresheet they can write the number in the loser box, and the 10 will fill automatically.

How to block a scoresheet from being accepted if not completely finished. 

If your scorekeeping has races

How to set a bracket to Race to (Same for all players) 

How to set up the race to (based on each player) feature for tournaments

How to set up scoresheet for race to Winner/Loser side

How to block a scoresheet from being accepted if not completely finished.