Set up an account. Click on Login/Sign up > Create account and follow the instructions.

Create your event in CS by using the manage section which you find by clicking on the “Menu” button in the upper left-hand corner. Get to know where this button is as you will be going there to access everything.

Under event in the management system, you will create your event by clicking on the Create My Event tab. Once that opens just follow the prompts. If you have created multiple events you will select them under the events button and highlight the event and click on the navigate to button at the top.

Under Locations/Surfaces you will click on Buildings and Bars then click on the Plus sign to add your location and the number of tables at this location. (For any table changes, you will need to go to Locations/Surfaces > Tables.)

Next, go under the Divisions tab and select Divisions. Click the Plus sign, enter Name, Color, Team or Singles and game type. Under the Advanced tab set you Date and Time.  If you want your players to see the event right away click the make it public button. You can also select preregister here if you want them to preregister.

Under Brackets/Round-Robin you will click on the Brackets tab. Basic fields to fill: Name, Bracket Format, Match duration, Race to or games to play. Score Input section: Scoresheet 48. Choose if you want Wins or Scores to be entered.  Under Advanced you will select your starting match number. If using match cards that print out, under the Printing and Scanning tool you will select your match card type. You should make sure you have the exact bracket you want by clicking on the charts (brackets) under the Schedules/Charts > Charts.

Under Players/Teams *Note: If you have teams, insert “teams with players” first, this will auto feed the player’s list (Less work)!!! Do your singles second.

Click on Teams or Players.  Select the appropriate division from the drop-down menu. 

            Teams: Click on Add team with Members (Button at the top) 

            Players: Type the name in the search box, look for your player then click on them from the list. If your player does not show up simply put in the players information in the create player box that will appear.

Once you’re done entering teams and players, you can fill up your bracket by clicking the Fill up Bracket, then hit Try Shuffle. If you are ok with the results, click on Accept Results and this will fill up the bracket automatically that is associated with that division. 

*You can also manually fill the bracket by going under Schedules/Charts > Charts then select your backet. Click on the box you want to put the player/team in and type at least three letters of their name then select the appropriate player/team. You can modify who is where in your bracket right here if you want to move someone. If you click on options, it will allow you to schedule the match or select a surface right there. You can also select you winners here by clicking on a name and selecting Set Winner. You can also unset a winner here if you accidentally selected the wrong person/team.

Under Continuous Play under Schedules/Charts you will build your kiosk. Click on add kiosk and fill in all the             information. Once your kiosk is built, use the already existing group (box) to add the bracket and surfaces to                 use. If needed, add other groups by clicking on Add Group and put in all the information it asks for.
In your group click on +/- bracket and add the bracket you want. Then click on +/- Surfaces to add the surfaces you want the system to assign. When the event winds down you can uncheck tables from the Continuous Play group or setting priorities so that the system naturally starts to use less tables. Priorities can be found under +/- Surfaces (1 gets assigned first, 2 is assigned if no more 1s, 3 assigned if no more 1 and 2 and so on)

Your event is now ready to go as long as you have selected the correct time and date. Once you click start the players will be assigned tables and they will receive notifications as long as the are logged in to Compusport. This is also where Compusport will charge you for the event once you click start.

Players can enter their own scores and select winners themselves in the app. Once you have gotten to this point you should not have to do anything other than an occasional edit of the players selected the wrong winner for example. Compusport will do everything from here on out.

If you want to print match cards you will download and install the print and scan tool which is under Kiosk/scan/print towards the bottom. After the print and scan tool is downloaded you log in, select the event at the top. Print a demo page to make sure your printer is working. If you want to use a QR scanner to add players or enter matches you will test it on this page. When you are ready to print your match cards click on start printing. If you lose your internet connection the tool will not print and you simply need to log out and log back in to the print and scan tool.

If you lose internet, you can also get a latest version of your brackets which save every time there is a change. Or access the tournament from your phone.

Everyone once in a while, check the Manager Dashboard which is the All tab with colored circles at the bottom left of the CompuSport page. This will prompt some actions that need to be taken care of.