A handicap chart can be used to calculate how many points you give away based on the CSR rating of the team.

The handicap chart is needed if you want to manually decide how many points they get per point difference. (By default, you can choose that every 60 point difference gives 1 pts*)

Go to Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robins > Score sheet handicap chart.

Choose the Round-Robin this chart will be associated to by choosing from the drop down Bracket/Chart: Drop Down list. (You can copy the chart for other Round-Robins)

Click on the Plus sign.

Add the difference, in the from and to. And what handicap points they should receive.

In this example, if the difference between the two teams is between 50 to 99 points you give 1 handicap point to the other team per round.

Keep adding difference of points by clicking on the plus sign.

Once your chart is created. You can copy to other round-robins by clicking on Copy to another "bracket" and choose what other league will use this chart.

Then you need to go tell the Round-Robin what CSR calculation method you want to use for your handicap.

Go to Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robins > Round-Robins.

Choose the round-robin. 

Pencil to edit.

Go to Score Input section.

See image below: 

Choose the field you want to use, in this case the CS Rate (CSR)

Choose how many stars they need in order to use their actual CSR. We recommend putting 3 (More info: Stars = Accuracy of the rating)

And choose what you want to use until then. (Ex. Custom Value 1 where you inserted manual CSR's)

And the Calculate Method for team handicap: Choose Sum each player's stat and look at division race to chart.

This will see what the difference is between the two teams and give the handicap points indicated in the Chart you built.