Here is a link to view a video of the portal. You will notice a few things have changed since. I have to create a new on but this video takes you around the different tools available on the Association Portal.!AqmcNz_kYq-F4x9cMe7eEkpeubXa

The Association Portal offers various tools such as:
· Manage Operators and operator memberships
· Sanctioning players along with membership cards
· Financial tool for Tournament Fees, membership fees and sanctioning fees.
Operators can manage their memberships and keep their contact information up to date on the portal.
They can also manage their staff list.
Operators can sanction their players directly on the portal and make payments.
You manage the approval of sanctioned players upon receiving payment.
A place to post information you want to share with operators: flyers, links, promotional items/tools you want to make available.

The portal has a payment tool to pay sanctions, memberships and registration fees. Payments are made directly on the portal and invoices are available to keep track of billing.

Association Portal fee: We charge $1 per player to have access to the Association Portal for one full year. With a cap fee of $5000 per year.

Additional tools:

Tournament Registration ($1 per player registered into a tournament. A player can be registered into multiple divisions in the tournament for a total of $1 per player)

Operators can register their players for tournaments taking into account sanctioning, and the correct criteria to play in a tournament (Male or female, master or intermediate, etc)
They can pay their tournament fees directly on the portal.

Association Manager Advantages:
Sanctions: Manage your sanction lists, Operators can pay you directly online.
Memberships: Manage your memberships, available for operators and payment online.
Tournaments: Manage tournament registration and payments online.
Easier championship registration as the system already has sanctions, stats, and validations.
Billing: Manage invoices directly on the portal.

Operator Advantages:
Sanctions: Operators can sanction directly on the portal and make payments online.
Operators: Manage their profile and their league coordinators.
Billing: Manage payments online, sanctions, membership cards, and tournament registration fees.
Tournaments: Manage tournament registration online.