This tool is accessible for tournament directors and league coordinators only. If you are an admin of the event, you will have access to this tool.

This tool is the action log of who filled what, at what time on the scoresheet!!!!!

Activate Game History on Mouse Over

You are suspecting someone of cheating, you have a complaint that information was changed on the scoresheet, your averages on the scoresheet are wrong, the trophy/winner is wrong, these are all examples where we found the information with the Game History action log.

PLEASE NOTE: Information on a scoresheet can't be changed once it was sent in/finished. So players aren't going back to old scoresheets and changing them. They are locked! But during the time of filling it in, you may want to know who did what!

WATCH the video explaining the tool

Go to the scoresheet in question:

Click on Options;

Click on Activate Game History on Mouse Over.

Click away to close the pop up.

HOVER over any box and see who entered the information, at what time and what they entered.

Hover over the boxes.

Recurring issues found:

A trophy is on the wrong team!!!! Hover over the trophy and see if a player clicked on the trophy for the wrong team. (Technically the trophy lights up itself based on the information entered, depending on settings, unless Trophy is the only thing to fill like certain tournament scoresheets)

Averages are wrong!!!!! Hover over the player averages boxes. What date where they filled in. We have often seen that a team went to fill in their future scoresheets. The scoresheets takes the average at the time of filling in the names. Then they play other matches, their real average changes, but the information was already entered into the scoresheet, which won't change on it's own. With the Hover, you can see that it was entered weeks in advanced.

Suspecting someone of cheating!!!!! Hover over the game boxes and see who changed what at what time. Why 20 minutes later someone removed the 2 and put a 6 in of earlier rounds?!?!?! (All this before the scoresheet was finished).