How to set up a bracket with Races different races based on player ratings?! You can set the races so that the match card or scoresheet have the right amount of boxes based on the races. Perfect for player scorekeeping.

Under Menu > Manage > Divisions > Divisions.

Choose the division you want to set up. (This is assuming your division was already created)

Click Pencil to edit.

Choose the Field to use as Skill Level (or Race) 

*Choose a Custom Value, make sure to write their "race to" in the matching Column under Players.

Choose which chart you want to use under Mapping of Skill Level to Rate to (handicap race chart) : the one already available is to make them race with their skill level. For example, if a player is a 5 and the opponent is a 4. The player with the race to 5 has to win 5 and the player with 4 race to, has to win 4. 

*If your race to is different than that, contact CompuSport for help.

Custom Value columns need to be filled under Menu > Manage > Players/Teams > Players.

Order of columns may vary.

Want to know more about Custom Values: What is a custom value? : CompuSport ( 

Under Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robins > Brackets.

Choose the bracket that will use the Race to option.

Make sure you choose Race to under the Base section.

*Don't need to do anything with the Default Race to, Custom Value overrides default.

1. Under Score Input :

2. The best scoresheets to use for Singles, scorekeeping, race to are:

***625: Scores and/or Wins checkbox with ERO

    413: Scores and/or Wins checkbox   

    758: Scores and/or Wins checkbox with ERO and Use Patch 625 or 413   

3. And choose what you want them to enter in as a result.

4. Choose the calculate method for automatic winner: Most wins (all games played or race to reached)

5. Save.