You want to use the CS Rating to handicap your league?

What is the CSR?

How is the CSR used to handicap a league

Under Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robin > Round Robins.

Choose your Round-Robin (League)

Pencil to edit.

Go to Score Input Section.

1. Field to show in handicap: Under Handicap section, choose the CS Rate as your player handicap.

2. Minimum rating stars: Choose the minimum rating stars (in this example, it says 3 stars, anyone with lower than a 3 stars will not be used)

3. Field to use for handicap if not enough stars: You can choose to evaluate your players or give a "general" rating to people who are under 3 stars by giving them manual ratings under Players (Custom value). Choose the Custom Value column you used as the Field to use for handicap if not enough stars.

4. Calculate method for team handicap on scoresheet: Put CSR or CSR (Rounded down)

5. Give 1 point per X pts team difference. We recommend putting 60.

   So for every 60 pts difference, you give 1 handicap point to the other team.

   So 120 pts difference would give 2 pts.