As you noticed there has been a lot of changes in the last few months! After offering a free app and a system at a very low cost, it was necessary to make changes to add new features and to offer subscriptions for some of the tools!

We offer a free basic plan to access all the features a tournament director or league manager would need to run their tournament or league smoothly! Everything extra, has a fee to it!

You receive notifications for yourself in the free basic plan! You can search and view your friends for free as well! But if you want to receive notifications for them, that’s an extra! A business decision we had to make! We hope you can understand!

We are always adding on to the subscriptions. Keep an eye out!
Hope you enjoy our new app once you get used to the change!

CompuSport is proud to say that we are open to comments and constructive criticism. If you have any helpful comments to improve the app, feel free to send your thoughts!

Thanks for using CompuSport!