The CSR rating has been built and validated in partnership with many National & State Associations. 

    To help them, we created an Association Portal so that these associations can manage player profiles, skill levels, find duplicate players and much more. We are always working together to improve our rating and the fairness of their championships, tournaments and leagues. 

    Also, tournament directors and league coordinators use CompuSport to manage their events. This means that there is already more than 10 years of game history, more than 16 million game results are already certified (a wrong result would have a big impact while the event is happening, and players catch these errors). 

    To create the best rating system we can, we used the game history of all players, to set a starting rate for every player. This starting rate is our key to get a rating homogeneity in different areas.  With the detailed results in leagues, we use more than wins and losses to improve the rating.  Flawless games do not affect the loser’s rating. 

Because of these partnerships, leagues and tournaments, we can easily compare the skill level of players anywhere.