You can add players to your team roster directly on the scoresheet, but you can only do this, if your league manager has the setting turned on.

To ADD A PLAYER to your roster:

Go to your scoresheet (on the app or online)

Click on the Player box on the scoresheet.

If the option is enabled you should see ADD PLAYER.

Once you click on ADD PLAYER you will get a new pop up:

1. It is better to find a player before creating a new player.

Type the name into the Find a Player box.

Choose the player that best fits.

If you are not sure, create a new player.

If the player is not there, create a new player.

2. If you don't see the Create a new player here it means the option to create a brand new player is not available, the league coordinator is now allowing the new player creation.

If the option is available, make sure to insert their complete first and last name.

Once you enter the player's name, the system will ask to specify if the player is a regular player or a spare/sub.

Spares don't get access to filling your team's scoresheet.

Regular players have the opportunity to get approved and scorekeeper.

If the option to APP PLAYER is disabled, you see this: