When looking at the stats page, you are noticing that your ERO's or Break & Runs or Table Runs aren't showing up?!?!?!

The most common mistake made is that they are not "matched up" right.

Here is what we mean by "matched up".

You want to make sure your scoresheet settings and stats templates match.

(We often see, ERO's on the scoresheet and Break & Runs in the stats template)

Go to Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robins > Round-Robins.

Select the league in question.

Pencil to Edit.

Go to Score Input Section.

Check to see what you have selected as Values that will be available on the scoresheet:

Then Go to Menu > Manage > Statistics/Standings > Stats Model Editor.

Select your Model for players.

Make sure you have the same stats available.

Click on the Plus to add or remove Fields.

What you have in your scoresheet settings should be the same as what is shown on the online stats page.

If you have ERO available, break & runs in the stats won't show the EROs.

They all have their own stats columns.