You accidentally said No to a player profile (player profile is a first and last name that are in a tournament or league that our system wants to merge to accounts/logins). Perhaps at the time, you didn't want to take the time to merge all your player profiles of all the tournaments and leagues you played in, or you simply didn't know how important it was to do so.

It's not too late, you can go back and find your player profiles.

On the App

Click on the Menu (Top right corner)

Click on My Events.

Go to Rejected Events

Look over the player profiles and say Yes to the ones that belong to you.

While you are here, you can also 

Check your My Events, make sure they are all you. Or click not you, if they are not.

and if there are other events you noticed aren't there Go to Unidentified events.

Search with your name. If you notice that it is not finding it, you can try different spellings of your name or nicknames your had, or short form)

Click yes or no to the player profiles that are waiting to be merged.

To find more: Click on Find other events I played in.

Another easy way to find the player you rejected (said no at the opening of your account on the new CompuSport app)

Go to the league you play in:

Click on: Yes I play in this league.

Confirm that the person is you. If it's you of course, if not, you can search for your name.

*Note that if you have to search for your name, something is not right, perhaps in the account you created you didn't put your first and last name that is entered in most tournaments or leagues (like a nickname perhaps) This can constantly create problems because the system won't recognize you every time you play in an event. We strongly suggest changing your name to your actual first and last name.