You want to add notes, special dates, reserved dates to your schedule that already exists.

Ex: Holidays, positioning rounds, tournaments, pay out week, play off week, etc.

You can add these to the schedule, this way players will know that there are no games that night but need to be aware of something happening, so they "reserve" that date.

1. Go to Calendar (Menu > Manage > Schedules/Charts > Calendar)

2. Click on the Plus.

3. Write a Title (this is what will appear on the schedule) Ex: No Play! Happy Holiday!, Scotch Doubles Tournament, Play Off Night, Nationals Tournament, Pay out night, etc.

4. Select the Bracket/Chart, 

5. Insert the Date.

6. Insert the Time. ***Insert the same time as matches in that league. Not the actual time of the event. This will simplify your life in many ways. I won't explain why, just trust me. 


Here is the results on other pages:

Online Schedule:

PDF Schedule:

On the app under matches:

On the app under matches of League Schedule mode: