On CompuSport when you shuffle your bracket, you are asked to choose to create Byes or TBAs for the empty spots on a bracket.

*DO NOT CREATE FAKE TEAMS/PLAYERS CALLED BYES OR TBAS as you will lose a lot of the features as the system doesn't get that the team/player is fake.

The difference between BYE and TBA:

1. TBA stands for To Be Announced, this helps the opponent know that he MAY end up with an opponent at the last minute or a Bye. If you plan on accepting last minute registration or want to leave room for forgotten teams, we strongly suggest creating TBAs.

2. When scheduling your tournament in Constant Play mode. Your TBA vs Opponent matches will take up a spot in the scheduler. A bye does not, the system sets them aside right away.

3. When you decide that the TBA needs to be replaced by a BYE, there is a button on the bracket called: Replace TBA by a Bye. This will notify the Team/Player (if receiving notifications on the app) and open up the surface for another match.

4. Real BYES and TBAS are shown when you look at your list of brackets, helps know extra information.