Tournaments are 1$ per player per bracket, which caps at 3$ for one event. Charged per player to be representative of the tournament size. This makes it more accessible for all tournament sizes.

The Tournament tools included in the price:
Online Brackets
Awards and Pay Outs
Team and Bracket shuffler
Fast bracket advancement tools (Scanner, App scorekeeping, Online)
Notifications directly to the player for schedules, opponents, etc.
Three different types of scheduling tools, (time and table schedule, time schedule and let system assign next available surface, or let the system assign the next time and surface available.)
Scorekeeping (players advancing the bracket themselves)

Additional/Optional costs include:

Tournament Online Registration 1$ per player charge in the tournament invoice
A feature that allows players to register themselves and their teams directly online and make their registration fee payments.

*when a player pays with credit card, a 2.9% + 0.30$ transaction fee is charged by Stripe/Square. A Stripe or Square account is required to enable online payments.