CompuSport offers a tool to pay your league fees directly on the app. This feature has to be turned on by the league manager. They will set up the fees they want to make available online (sanction fees, weekly fees and registration fees and other fees) You will be able to pay these directly online and this will go straight into your league's account.

First you want to log into the App. Sign in and say yes to your player profile.

Once that is done, you will have the Payment option available on your home page.

Two places to find the Pay my league fees tool.

First is under My Do To:

Second place you can find it, is directly on the scoresheet:

Once you click on Pay My Fees or Pay my league fees it will ask who's fees you want to pay for (You can choose to only pay for yourself, you can also pay for team members or even the opposing team.) Then you collect the cash ;P !!!!!!

1. Check the people you want to pay for.

2. Click on Next

The Next page is the break down of all the different fees you have available.

1. Check the boxes of the fees you want to pay for.

2. Click on Next

This will bring you to an invoice, where you will need to enter your credit card information.

Click on Pay.