Your league or Tournament stays in the same event for one full year.

Each time you create a new bracket/tournament you go to your same Event and create a new Division.

Step 1: Go to Manage, Division, Division:

  • Click on the plus to add a division.
  • Name your division with the date of the tournament,
  • Choose a color,
  • Choose Teams or Singles,
  • Save.

Step 2:

If team bracket:

 Go to Manage, Players/Teams, Teams: 

  • Select the Division you are entering teams for.
  • Click on Add Team with Members
  • Type the name of the players in the Search & Add Player.
  • Choose the already existing players as much as possible, if not Add them.
  • Continue until all teams are created.

       *We have an option to Create Shuffled Teams. If players are signing up as individuals.

If single player bracket:

       Go to Manage, Players/Teams, Players:

  • Select the Division.
  • Add names in the Search & Add Player box.
  • Choose already existing players as much as possible, if you are not sure Add a new one.
  • Repeat this process to add players.

Step 3: Go to Manage, Brackets/Round-Robin, Brackets

  • Click on the Plus to add a Bracket.
  • Choose the Division you want to associate to the Bracket.
  • The name of the bracket is added automatically, named the same as the division.
  • Choose a Bracket Format: ex: Double Elimination 8, Double Elimination 16, etc.
    1. Do not choose brackets that say (# out) those are to link to other brackets.
  • Save.

Step 4: Go to Manage, Brackets/Round-Robin, Fill Up Brackets & RRB

  • Choose the Division you want to add teams/players to.
  • Select a method to shuffle. (Random)
  • Click on Try Shuffle.
  • Click on Accept Results.

Step 5: Go to Manage, Schedules/Charts, Charts,

  • Choose the Division. (Date)
  • Click on the team, Set as Winner.
  • In case you Set the Wrong winner, erase the name of the winner that moved forward.
    • To add the time/board on the bracket, You will want to create your surfaces available first. Go to Menu > Manage > Locations/Surfaces > Boards or tables. Create the amount of surfaces you need.
    • Go back to your bracket, click in the middle space between the two teams. Options, Edit Schedule.

Interesting options to think about: