Take a few seconds that will benefit you in the long run!

CompuSport's new Player App asks you to merge your players when you sign in for the first time.

The system recognizes names that are similar to yours and wants to know if that is you.

Like Mike and Michael, Robert, Dick and Harry!!!!

In order to give you a better personalized experience, it is important to take your time and choose the right players. You don't want a player that is not you, and the other player wants his information.

Watch the Sign In and Merge Players Video!!!

The Importance of Merging your players

WHY ???

Merging the proper players:

  • will personalize your experience by making your events readily available to you.
  • if using the scorekeeping feature, this will give you the right access automatically.
  • will produce a better CompuSport rating. (New feature coming soon)
  • will give better stats results.
  • will create better comparison graphs. (Premium Feature) 
  • will send the right notifications to the right person.
  • and much much more. 

Every once in a while... you will receive a notification asking to merge a new player added.

That means your name was added to a new tournament or new league. The system wants to pick that up as well for you. This will make is a lot easier for you to have your information ready.

This will merge you to that player right away, which means you will receive information as soon as it's available: Bracket is up live. Schedule is available etc.

Take the time to do it. It will just make your life that much easier.

You're thinking "Shoot, I didn't pay close attention!!!! 

How do I go back and make sure it's all good?"


Log into the App, 

Click the Menu (Top right corner),

Click on Events,

Look over your list. And if you have any events missing, search for them in the Unidentified Events.

Need visual help? Check out the How to...

Other helpful links:

How to scorekeep on the new app. : CompuSport (freshdesk.com) 

Thank you for the time you will put into this to make everyone's experience an enjoyable one.