To change the settings of automatic scorekeeping go to:

Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robins > Round-Robins

Select the Round-Robin (League) you want to to edit.

Click on the Pencil to Edit.

Go to Score Input section.

Do you want the opponent's score box to fill automatically? Yes or no.

If yes, check the box for Opponent Automatic Score is activated.

If yes, choose what type of automatic scoring you want. (Automatic score vs Balance)

Automatic score:

Insert what the automatic score value is.

For example: If you write a 10

It means that if you put a 3 in one box, the system will automatically put a 10 in the opponent box.

Basically you only fill the "loser" box. The other player gets a 10.


If you want to give a balance score, (Ex: write a 3 in the box, the system will automatically give a 7 to the opponent.)

Check the box Opponent will receive balance of automatic score

The system will use the Max Score per game number and give the balance.

1-9 = 10

2-8 = 10

3-7 = 10

Do you want to Validate score on Scoresheet? This means that the box will turn red if what is written in the two opponent boxes equals more then 10.