If you want to sanction your players and you want the Is Sanctioned column to show if they are sanctioned on a report:

1. Add the Associations

Go to Menu > Manage > Events > Events.

Select the Associations you want to sanction for.

2. Sanction your players.

Go to Menu > Manage > Players/Teams > Player Sanctions.

Choose the association.

Choose the division if you want to filter only the players who play in a specific division.

Sanction the players by checking the Is Sanctioned box.

3. Choose your Association.

Go to Menu > Manage > Statistics/Standings > Stats Model Editor.

1. Select Model for Players (Or whichever model is associated to that stat group)

2. Pencil to edit.

3. Choose the Association you want to show the Is sanctioned for.

4. Save.

4. Add the Is Sanctioned column

The asterisk will show up automatically next to the person's name for ONLINE STATS. 

If using the Standing Report Editor add the column Is Sanctioned.

You will see that the column has an Asterisk for the players that are sanctioned.