To set your handicapping system go to 

Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robins > Round-Robins.

Select the Round-Robin you want to modify.

Pencil to Edit.

Go to Score Input Section.

1. Choose what Field to show in the player average box on the scoresheet.


        2. Choose if you want to use a "fix" average for a few weeks until they reach a certain amount of weeks before using the             real average.  Insert how many weeks you want to use this fix average (ex. average from a past session)

        3 Choose which column to use for the fix average (This information needs to be entered into a custom value column             under Players)

4. Do you have a minimum and maximum average, if so, insert here.

5. Choose a method to calculate the handicap.

6. Is there a maximum handicap that can be given per round?

7. Do you want the player average to be an 8 an 8.5 or a 8,26. Choose how many numbers after the decimal.

8. Do you want the handicap points to have decimals or round up.