The main and most common handicapping system used with CompuSport is to calculate each player's 

Points divided by Games Played

to give each player their Average.

Each player's average can then fill the "Avg" box on the scoresheet automatically and be updated each time a new scoresheet is filled.

All the players' Averages are then added together to give a Team Average.

The difference of both teams is given to the lower average team as a Handicap point per round.

In the example below.

One team is a 32, the opposing team is a 30.


2 handicap points are then given to the lower team.

This example is called Sum each player's stats and give balance to the other team.

We have several ways to calculate what handicap points are given to the opposing team.

How to set up the handicapping system on CompuSport: From number 8 through 16/Blue Section.