You can select the different types of feats you want available on the scoresheet by going to:

Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robins > Round-Robins,

Select the Round-Robin you want to edit.

Click on Pencil to edit.

Go to Score Input Section:

Find: Values that will be available on score sheet : Select from the flawless list the feats you want to make available on the score sheet drop down. What you choose on the list will appear on the score sheet. (See image below)

What is a ERO, Break & Run and Table Run?

What is an 8 on break, 9 on break and 10 on break?

Once those are selected, you want to make sure your stats reflect your choices. We have columns for each. Remove the ones you don't use and add the ones you do.

Here is how to correct the columns you want to use:

How to add a stats to your online stats