You want to create a schedule with matches being played at 2 different times. (Ex: 7pm and 9pm matches)

Here is the general set up information:

Make sure everything is Set Up

How to Generate a schedule

Below are the specification that you will want to include in the process.

Under Menu > Manage > Locations/Surfaces > Tables.

If you have 2 tables at one place.

Create 4 tables and name them with 7pm and 9pm.

ex:    Table 1 7pm

        Table 2 7pm

        Table 1 9pm

        Table 2 9pm

Under Menu > Manage > Schedule/Charts > Surfaces Scheduler, > Generate schedules > Recurring dates.

When adding the dates of play in Recurring dates, only put one date per night.

For example: 

05/09/2020 at 7pm.

12/09/2020 at 7pm.

19/09/2020 at 7pm.


05/09/2020 at 9pm.

12/09/2020 at 9pm.

19/09/2020 at 9pm.

*Putting two time slots will create two matches for all teams, thinking you want each team playing at 7 and 9pm.

The system will create equal matches. And once the schedule is done and accepted, slide the 9PM matches to the actual 9PM. See image below.