You want to export a PDF that includes stats from the "before split" but you want them grouped with their new split groups.

Before you get to this point, you need to Split your stat groups accordingly.

How to split team/player stats into separate groups

To Export PDF Report with all stats but split into their groups:

Go to Stats/Standing Grouping (Menu > Manage > Stats/Standing > Stats/Standing Grouping)

Choose Teams or Players

1. Find the "Before the Split" league,

2. Uncheck Show in league Standing Report.

3. If you can't see the Show in League Standing Report column, click on the Grid to make it visible.

What is the grid?

Then go to Reporting (Menu > General >Reporting)

1. Choose your League Standing Report (New Report from Report Builder),

2. Choose the Report Model template you want,

3. Choose the Bracket/Charts you want stats from.

You want the stats from the group before the split and after the split. This means you want to choose Arcadia Area Pool League and Arcadia Area Pool D1 and/or D2. But since you unchecked the Arcadia group (in Stats/Standing Grouping), the stats will be there but not as a group.