To set up your tournament on CompuSport, you need to have an account.

Create an account?

From there you will need to Create Your Event

What is an Event?

Video Step by Step on how to set up your tournament

Steps to Prepare your tournament

Create your Surfaces (Tables, Boards, Pits...)

Go to Boards or Tables (Menu > Manage > Location/Surfaces > Boards or Tables)

1. Click on Add many Surfaces

2. How many surfaces do you want to add?

3. Start at number...

4. OK.

Create your Divisions

What is a Division?

Go to Divisions (Menu > Manage > Divisions > Divisions)

1. Click on the Plus to add a division,

2. Name your division,

3. Choose a color,

4. Select your entity type : Team or Single Division

5. Save

*Repeat if you need more divisions.

Create your Brackets

Go to Brackets  (Menu > Manage > Brackets | Round-Robin > Brackets)

1. Click on Plus to add a Bracket,

2. Choose the Division you want to associate to the Bracket,

3. Choose a bracket format: ex: Double Elimination 8, Double Elimination 16, etc.

4. Save.

*Repeat for all the divisions.

Shortcut: Select a bracket and click on Copy Bracket if you need more then one bracket for a division.

Enter your Players and Teams

Go to Players or Teams ( Menu > Manage > Players | Teams > Players or Teams)

  • For team divisions go to Teams,
    1. Select the division,
    2. Click on Add Team with Member,
    3. Enter team name,
    4. Enter player name in the Find Player box. Enter
    5. Keep adding all members of the team.
    6. Ok.

  • For Singles divisions go to Players,
    1. Select the division
    2. Start typing the players’ name in the Search & Add a Player box

*We offer importing your teams and players, this is only a short cut if you already have an excel spreadsheet, which has to be filled out a specific way. The file must be filled properly and sent to with enough turn around time.

How to fill out a tournament spreadsheet for import.

If you don't already have everything typed out. We suggest typing it directly into CompuSport

Insert Players/Teams into Bracket

Go to Fill Up Brackets and RRB (Menu > Manage > Brackets | Round-Robin > Fill Up Brackets & RRB)

1. Choose the division (One division at a time)

2. Select a Method to shuffle. (Random, seeded, etc)

3. Click on Try Shuffle.

4. Click on Accept Results.

Scheduling Your Tournament

The scheduling part of the set up depends on what type of scheduling you will be using.

What is Continuous Play?

    How to Set Up the Continuous Play tool

What is Constant Play?

What is "Assigned times and surfaces"?

Making Event, Divisions & Brackets public

How to make my event public

How to make my divisions public

How to make my bracket public

Using the Paperless Option

The paperless option is to have the players be scorekeepers on the CompuSport App.

This will allow playing to mark who won which will advance the bracket. You choose what they fill out: Final scores, Won or Lost, fill out a full scoresheet (Nice options for stats).

You decide if they have to have the opponents approval for the scoresheet to be approved or not.

Once it is accepted. It will advance the bracket, which will also notify the system that the surface is now available for a new match, which will send off notifications to tell the next team or player that their match is up. *If using the proper scheduling tool.

It also sends a notification to the player that won and the one that lost about their match, and about their next match.

IF USING THIS OPTION: You want to turn on Scorekeeping.

How to turn on the scorekeeping option

also important to set up for scorekeeping:  

How to set your scoresheet options for tournament.

Using Scanner/Match Card option


On the Computer you will be using to print and scan:

Go to Download Print & Scan tool (Menu > Manage > Kiosk/Scan/Print > Download Print & Scan tool)

1. Download the Print and Scan tool,

Find the Print and Scan tool on your desktop.

2. Sign in, 

3. Choose event,

4. Print Demo page, (test to make sure printer is communicating with the software)

5. Scan Demo page. (Test to make sure your scanner is communicating with the software)