You want players to scan the match card and also enter their results in a race to bracket. The system can also auto fill the winner's results. All that is left to do is enter the loser's results.

Like Match score or game wins.

Go to Brackets (Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robins > Brackets.

Select the bracket,

Pencil to edit,

Go to Printing/Scanning tool options section,

Check the box : Enter results on scan computer,

Choose results to track on scan: Match score or Game wins.

You can check add default score for winner if you want the winner box to automatically be filled.

Go to Score Input section,

Results to input and check Scores or Wins check box.

Go to Public Visibility and display options section

Results to show in chart/bracket.

If entering scores, choose Match Score or None.

If entering game wins, choose Games wins or None.

The results to show must be at none OR MATCH the results you want to enter.

To set the automatic winner results in Race to.

Your bracket must be set to Race to. (Bracket, Base section)

If player races are different based on the player: Enter each player's race to in a Custom Value Column under (Manage > Players/Teams > Players.)

Go to Divisions (Menu > Manage > Divisions > Divisions)

Select the division,

Pencil to Edit,

Choose the Field to use as Skill Level (Custom Value where you inserted the player's race to)

Choose: Use Selected Skill Level for Race to in the Mappings of Skill Level to Race to spot