You want to set up a Round-Robin in your tournament.

1. Create surfaces (Tables, Boards, Pits, etc)

2. Create your Divisions

3. Create your Players for Singles Round-Robin


3. Create your teams

4. Create your Round-Robin. 

Go to Round-Robins (Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robin > Round-Robin)

  • Click on the Plus to add a Round-Robin.
  • Choose the Division you want to associate to the Round-Robin.
  • The name of the round-robin is added automatically, named the same as the division.
  • Go to Score Input Section if you want to use the Scoresheet filling option.

*If you want to split your division into multiple round-robins, you need to create the number of round robins you want.

Ex.:     -20 teams-players divided into 4 round-robins. Top 2 of each round-robin pods go into a Final 8 Double Elimination Round-Robin.

Go to Brackets, Create a Final Bracket by clicking on the plus, and choosing the size of the final bracket.

5. Go to Fill Up Brackets & RRB (Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robin > Fill Up Brackets & RRB)

  • Choose the Division you want to shuffle.
  • Select a method to shuffle. (Random)
  • Click on Try Shuffle.
  • Click on Accept Results.

*If you have 20 teams, 4 round-robin groups, the system will automatically split them into the 4 round-robins.

If you want to choose the teams that go together into a group. manually select the teams, and only have one round-robin checked.

If you want to pre-schedule all of the matches.

6.  Go to Surfaces Scheduler (Menu > Manage > Schedule/Charts > Surfaces Scheduler)

  • Check the Show Scheduling Tool check box. (Bottom left)
  • Select a Bracket/Round-Robin (Top right)
  • The list of rounds will appear.
  • Select them and drop them on surfaces.

*How to drag matches and drop them into the surface scheduler

7. Go to Calendar, select the matches, score, to fill up scoresheets.


If you want to set up your tournament to let the system assign the next available matches depending on surfaces that are available.

6: Go to Manage, Schedules/Charts, Surfaces Scheduler:

  • Set your filter options (Calendar, Time)
  • Check the Show Scheduling Tool
  • Check the Constant Play Tool
  • Select bracket on the right-hand side, slide on the orange surfaces at the right time.

7: Go to Manage, Schedule/Charts, Continuous Play:

  • Create a Kiosk
  • In the box, click on Pencil to edit the date and time.
  • Click on +/- Brackets, choose the bracket you want to use to schedule.
  • Click on +/- Surfaces to add or remove surfaces, change the priority.
  • Assign Free Surfaces when you want the surfaces to be assigned.

8: Go to Manage, Kiosk/Scan/Print, Download Print & Scan tool: 

*If using Match card scanner option.

  • Download Print & Scan tool (Sign in, Choose event)
  • Print Demo page
  • Scan Demo page

9: Go to Manage, Schedules/Charts, Charts:

  • Choose the Division.
  • You can manage the bracket from here. Change players/teams. Set the winner if not using scanner.