You want to add a few more weeks to your already existing schedules.

Here are a few options depending on your situation:

1. Deleting and Starting Over

If the league hasn't started, the best is to delete the existing schedule, add the new dates and start over. This way the schedule follows, and balances home and away

How to delete an already existing schedule.

2. Adding Random matches: 

(the system won't consider the already existing matches, it will be a new schedule that adds itself on to the rest)

Go to Surfaces Scheduler (Menu > Manage > Schedules/Charts, Surfaces Scheduler)

1. Click on Generate schedule

Choose the Generate Group for your league. 

2. Click on Option

    3. Recurring dates, 

4. Remove all the dates and add the ones you need. (This will not delete what already exists)

    You want to remove the old dates because you don't want the system to reschedule anything on those dates.

5. Add the new dates you want to schedule.

6. Close.

Click on Options again > Generate > Choose All dates or Complete Iteration > Ok.

This will create an Attempt Option. Accept Attempt

3. Copying an iteration to add a second or third. Or just a few weeks.

This feature is not available to you yet. But CompuSport can do this for you.

Send an email to with the following information:

1. Name of the Event.

2. Name of the league (Division/Round-Robin)

3. Dates you want copied

4. Dates you want them to be pasted to.

5. Do we flip Home and Away.

4. Adding matches manually

How to add additional matches.