When a manager/league coordinator/tournament director posts something on their newsfeed, anyone who goes to the league or tournament can see the Posts. Or if the player is in the league or tournament, they get a News icon.

On the app, they get a News Feed Icon that pops up. See image below:

Admins are the only ones that can create posts. The players/public can't post or comment.

CompuSport also has a messaging feature, which will be used to promote new features, fixes, etc. when CompuSport posts to Admins, players don't see CompuSport posts to admins. 

CompuSport can also send newsfeeds directly to players (how to merge your player profiles, how to pin your most often used sections, etc)


  • To me - The posts addressed to me sent directly from CompuSport. (New features, important information, etc.)

  • From me - The posts I created

  • All - All the posts (from CompuSport and your own)

You can pin posts (Keep post on top)

You can decide when the post will be visible to players.

You can decide when the post is removed.

Here is an example of a newsfeed!