You can copy a tournament or league from last year to use most of the settings without re-creating them for your new event.

Log in.

Click on Menu > Manage > Event > Create My Event.


Select if you want to create a League or a Tournament.

And specify for which sport.

Once you click on Continue, you will be asked if you want to copy from a past event.

Click YES and Continue

A list of your past events will appear, you can select the most appropriate/accurate one. Continue.

  • You will need to indicate which sections you want to copy.
  • The recommended options are already selected in blue.

  • We STRONGLY suggest copying your players over.
    • Then you decide if you want them to already be in their divisions or you prefer to re-enter them into their division.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We strongly suggest copying your players because this minimizes the creation of duplication players. This is also very important specially when you want to use past session for stats and handicaps.

CompuSport charges for the players that actually play as it can detect their percentage of play. 

It is better/easier to copy and delete players if need be rather than finding all the right players.

When in doubt, copy it over. Easier to erase than to get them back after the fact.

Follow the rest of the wizards to successfully create your event.