You can choose to Auto Sanction your players. This means they will get sanctioned automatically once they have played a certain amount of matches. You set the number of matches a player must play to be sanctioned for a specific Association.

From there, you will be able to Export your sanction list and send it to the proper Association.

*VNEA sanctions don't need to be exported, as they are going directly to them.

To Auto Sanction:

Go to Divisions. (Menu > Manage > Divisions > Divisions)

1. Select a Division you want to set.

2. Click on Pencil to Edit.

3. Select the Auto Sanctioning Section.

4. Select the Association you want to Sanction for.

5. Check the box if you want to Auto Sanction.

6. Insert how many matches a player must have played to be auto sanctioned.

Go to Menu > Manage > Players/Teams > Player Sanctions.

Click on Auto Sanction.

How to Export your sanctioned players.