You created a league or tournament and you want to add someone else that will be helping you as an administrator.

Go to Users (Menu > Manage > Event > Users)

In order to add another person, that person must create an account on CompuSport first. If they don't already have one.

User Account Creation link

Once their account is created.

1. Click on the Plus.

2. Add the email address they used to create their account.

3. Select what type of "Admin Rights" they will have.

4. Save.

Is admin: Gives FULL admin rights, same as yourself. They can do everything you can do.

Is admin (Players, teams, scores, brackets and continuous play only)Gives access to making changes to players, teams, scores, brackets and continuous play. But this person can't create a division. They have to go through you. This admin right is good for a league of tournaments or a league with multiple operators, this way they can't start anything they want without running it by you. They need your permission in order to get going because you have to create the Division first.

This though, does not stop them from changing other people's brackets or round-robins in your event.

Is admin (Score only): Is someone who is in charge of filling out scoresheets. This is not the Player Score Keeper option, it is one person who can fill out ALL scoresheets.

Tell me more about this player score keeper option.

How to turn on the scorekeeper option.