The system will only try to balance surfaces for an In-House league. 

For a travelling league if you want to make sure all tables are used equally in a bar you can use a statistics' page that helps with Table Count.

Go to Surfaces Scheduler (Menu > Manage > Schedules/Charts > Surfaces Scheduler).

1. Click on Generate Schedules.

2. Click on the Options' button of the league you want to work with.

3. Choose Scheduling Statistics. (This will provide a report with a Table Count)

On the report, look for the Table Count Report page.

From there, you can move matches on the Surfaces Scheduler (Grab, drag and drop) or in the Calendar (Select Match, Pencil) to flip matches from one table to another. Every once in a while, click on refresh on the report to see the progress.

What is the Surfaces Scheduler?