If it's an even number of teams schedule and you have a "team drop out". Turn that team into a Bye.

How to Replace a team with a Bye?

If you have a new team "add on" in a league with a Bye. You can turn that Bye into a team.

How can I replace a Bye with a Team?

In the case that you had a schedule with a Bye already. And a team drops out, but you already have a week played.

Or you already played a week and a new team joins. But you don't have a Bye to fill them in.

Send an email to CompuSport with the following information:

1. Name of the Event.

2. Name of the League (Division/Round-Robin).

3. Matches played on what date.

4. List of the matches played the first week. Home team listed first. (Home vs Away)

*Divisions, Teams, Team default locations, Round-Robins,  Generate Schedule groups and recurring dates must be ready.

This tool will eventually be available for you to use and schedule yourself with one week already played.