If you want to change the opponent in a league schedule, change the date they will play the match or even change the location where the match will be taking place:

Go to Calendar, (Menu > Manage > Schedules/Charts > Calendar)

1. Select the match,*

2. Click on Pencil, (Or double click on the match)

3. Change the opponent, place, date or time, if applicable.

4. Change other information if need be.

5. Save.

To change the time (Something that is the same for all matches)

*You can multiple edit to change the information for all matches at once.

Ex: You scheduled them at 7pm and you want to change it to 6:30.

You can select one match, then click Ctrl A.**

All matches will be selected,

Click Pencil.

Change the Start Time.


**If you have multiple leagues. You can filter to only see the league you want to make the change.

1. Select the start and end date in the two small calendars on the left hand side.

2. Click on the Magnifying glass.

3. Type in the league name to filter it through in the Search here box under the proper column.

Click enter.

Follow above steps to multiple edit.

BE CAREFUL, only change information that is the SAME. You do not change locations, or teams with Multiple edit. Don't touch other fields in the Pencil.