If you want your players averages to be visible to players you can add it to the stats page, under Opponents > Team and Players, on a bracket and on the scoresheet roster list.

If you want to add Average on the Stats Page:

How to add the average to the stats page

If you want to show the average next to the players' name on the Opponents** 

follow these steps:

1. Go to Stats Model Editor (Manage > Statistics/Standings > Stats Model Editor)

2. Select Model for Players, 

3. Pencil,

4. Choose which field you want showing next to the player's name. Ex: Average or Custom Value.

**Where is opponents: 

On a Computer:

Very accessible for players on the App:

If you want to show the average on a bracket or rosters list on the scoreheet follow these steps:

Go to Brackets or Round-Robins based on your type of event.

(Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robins > Brackets OR Round-Robins)

Select the Bracket or Round-Robin you want to set.

Click on the Pencil to edit.

Go to Public Visibility and Display Options section.

Choose what you want to show under Fields to show on bracket and match card.

Roster list on scoresheet: