You have a forfeited match, you want to give points but you don't want the points to affect your players' average.

You have two options:

1. You want players to earn the points, but you don't want those points counted towards calculating their average.

You have to make sure your match is marked as a Forfeit. 

Go to Calendar (Manage > Schedules/Charts > Calendar > Select the Match > Pencil, Mark as Forfeit.

Then go to Stats Model Editor (Manage > Stats/Standings > Stats Model Editor), select Model for Players, Pencil to edit, make sure the Remove Forfeits for Avg is checked.

2. You don't want players to earn points or their average to be affected. You want those points to go to the team only.

When filling out a scoresheet, put in whatever points you want to give to the teams, but don't enter any player names in the player boxes.