How to Send your Round-Robin teams

into a Finals Bracket

Once the Round-Robins are all done,

Go to Manage, Brackets/Round-Robin, Fill Up Brackets & RRB.

  1. Choose the Division you want to send into the Final Bracket.
  2. Choose a Method: Seeded
  3. Sort By: Last Chart/Bracket
  4. Click on the Magnifying glass
  5. Write Smaller or Equal in the Search here box of Rank. (<=2 or <=3 depending on if you are taking the top 2 or top 3.
    1. If top 2, select all the 1st place and 2nd place teams.
    2. If top 2 plus some, select all the 1st place and 2nd place.
    3. Look your 3rd place and see who has the most Points or Wins.
  6. Select the teams going into the bracket.
  7. Try Shuffle
  8. Accept Results

*** If your teams don’t have a rank, you need to set up the Stats Model Editor ranking in order for the system to detect the ranking you want.